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What are the rights provided for drug injury lawyer?

When you hire a lawyer to represent you against a big drug company, you are able to secure certain rights and privileges.  These rights help you fight against the dealings and conivings of the drug company. A study states that, 3 in every 5 Americans consume prescription drugs or over-the-counter […]
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Choose lawyers for drug settlement lawsuit

When you have been negatively affected by faulty medical device or prescription drug, it is your right to choose a responsible lawyer who can meet your needs.  A drug settlement lawsuit is very difficult to navigate and having an experienced professional on your side can ease your burden significantly. An […]
xarelto lawsuit bleeding


After Bayer released its billion dollar drug Xarelto – used to prevent blood clots – reports of internal bleeding and death rained down on the company bringing costly lawsuits with them. Patients allege that Bayer failed to warn the public adequately about possible risks while taking the drug and are […]
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Bayer Corporation

Bayer, now a leading drug producing company is in the midst of lawsuits and deep criticism concerning various products manufactured including Xarelto, Mirena IUD, and Yaz birth control. Bayer corporation is currently one of the leading innovators around the globe with as many as 289 subsidiaries in agriculture, health care, […]
risperdal gynecomastia lawsuit


Renowned manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson invested millions of dollars in the antipsychotic drug Risperdal, but instead of profits skyrocketing as planned; J&J now faces thousands of lawsuits due to misbehavior of the drug. WHAT IS RISPERDAL Risperdal and another drug manufactured by Johnson & Johnson known as Invega are powerful […]
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Cymbalta, distributed by Eli Lilly has grown to be one of the top selling drugs in the U.S., used to treat depression and anxiety. However, dangerous side effects have been associated with the drug including discontinuation syndrome accompanied by brain zaps. Cymbalta is the million dollar drug approved by the […]

Byetta and Bydureon

Drugs Byetta and Bydureon are used to treat patients with Type 2 diabetes.  Both are injectable medications that help regulate blood sugar, however, they have been linked with side effects such as pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis which have in turn cost millions of dollars in compensation. Manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals, […]


Benicar was developed to help manage high blood pressure, however, many patients experienced ghastly side effects such as chronic diarrhea, severe weight loss, and malnourishment. These incidents quickly led to thousands of lawsuits against Forest Laboratories and Daiichi Sankyo. Japanese manufacturer Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. produced a drug called Benicar to […]

Actos Linked to Bladder Cancer

Takeda Pharmaceuticals manufactured Actos to help regulate the level of blood sugar for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Although the drug brought in billions for the company, it was soon linked to serious side effects after long term use. DESCRIPTION OF ACTOS Actos is the oral drug manufactured to help […]


Accutane was developed by Hoffmann-LaRoche Inc. to help treat severe acne but was later found to cause bowel disease and other disturbing side effects. Accutane was approved by the FDA in 1982 and quickly proved its worth by presenting acne free skin.  Accutane is used to treat severe (cystic) skin […]