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Medical Device Lawsuits:

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Transvaginal Mesh® | All Brands

Transvaginal Mesh was never intended to be used in humans and so, due to many faulty designs and devices, women have suffered a number of side effects. It has been reported that over 40,000 women have file for transvaginal lawsuits against these mesh manufacturers.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have had complications as a result of a Transvaginal Mesh.

j and j ovarian cancer talcum baby powder

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

Studies have shown that women who have used Talcum-based Baby Powders in their groin area have a 30% higher rate of Ovarian Cancer. Johnson & Johnson is facing a multi-million dollar class action suit against any woman that has used their Baby Powder or Body Powder products.

Lawsuit is open to anyone that has ever used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder or Shower-to-Shower Body Powder.

ivc filters become irretrievable

Bard IVC Filter

Studies have shown that up to 86% of IVC Filters may result in serious side effects – including fractures that can lead to life threatening symptoms.

Lawsuit is open to anyone that has had an IVC Filter implanted that cannot be removed

essure birth control questioned by fda

Essure® Permanent Birth Control

Women with Essure® Permanent Birth Control implanted have complained to the FDA that it caused miscarriages, bleeding, pelvic pain, and still births. The FDA has mandated that Bayer, the makers of Essure®, conduct a thorough study of the “risks of the device in a real-world environment”.

Lawsuit is open to anyone that has had the Essure® Permanent Birth Control System implanted.

stryker logo

Stryker® Hip Systems

Stryker recalled its Rejuvenate, ABG II and Accolade modular-neck hip stems after the implants showed signs of corroding and fretting. Hip recipients filed lawsuits against Stryker Orthopaedics after severe, crippling pain forced them to have revision surgeries.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have had metal hip complications.

depuy hip logo

DePuY® Hip Systems

More than 8,600 ASR cases have been filed against DePuy along with an additional 5,400 claims related to the Pinnacle device. Patients who have received one of these implants and has experienced negative side effects are encouraged to speak to a lawyer about possible compensation and other options regarding legal rights.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have had metal hip complications.

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Superbug Scope® | Olympus

Some patients who underwent surgeries in which doctors used a specific duodenoscope were infected by a superbug and later died, prompting lawsuits from surviving family members. The TJF-Q180V scope, made by Olympus, was not approved for use by the FDA.

Lawsuit is open to all those who ddeveloped an infection after a endoscopy when an Olympus scope was used

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Bair Hugger Warming System

Forced air warming systems pose a greater risk of infection to patients during and after surgery. Dr. Augustine, inventor of the Bair Hugger warming system, has been vocal about it’s dangers for over a decade, but has been largely ignored by hospitals and 3M.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have had an infection following a knee or hip replacement surgery.

Prescription Drug Lawsuits:

depakote Logo

Zofran® | Abbot Laboratories

Zofran® has been linked to numerous side effects including: spina bifida, heart defects, cleft palet, PPHN, Autism/ADHD/Behavior Problems, Club Foot, Internal Malformation and lung defects. Reports indicated that up to 20% of babies born to women taking Zofran during their pregnancy saw some form of birth defect upon delivery. The risk of birth defect is 30% higher for babies born to mothers who took Zofran in the first trimester.

Lawsuit is open to all women who have given birth to a child with the aforementioned side effects.

low-t drugs

Low-T | Bayer/Janssen

Cardiovascular Disease is the most common side effect of low testosterone drugs, but there are many other risks associated with the use of these drugs. Some of the most common brands of LowT drugs are: Androderm, AndroGel, Axiron, Bio-T-Gel, Fortest, Striant, Testim and Testopel.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have suffered heart attacks, strokes and even death as a result of some of these Low-T drugs.

taxotere hair loss logo

Taxotere | Sanofi Aventis

Multiple studies have confirmed the link between Taxotere and permanent hair loss. On top of that, the drug-maker’s own studies estimate that 3% of patients experience persistent or permanent hair loss. Why it took so long for the FDA & manufacturers to warn users remains a mystery, particularly when there is a more effective, American-made product.

Lawsuit is open to all those who underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer and were administered Taxotere.

efexor Logo

Efexor® | Wyeth

Efexor® was a type of product developed as an antidepressant. It was used to treat depression, anxiety, social phobias and other mental disorders. Issues arose when pregnant women taking Efexor saw a rise in birth defects. Other side effects included symptoms contributing to sexual dysfunction.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have experienced the aforementioned side effects.

pradaxa logo

Pradaxa® | Boehringer Ingelheim

Pradaxa® is another prescription blood thinner that came to market in 2010, however, after a short time in public use, has led to a number of side effects. It has also been reported that Pradaxa is responsible for over 500 deaths. Boehringer Ingelheim has agreed to pay $650 million to settle these lawsuits.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have experienced injury or death.

viagra logo

Viagra® | Pfizer

Viagra® is a popularly used medication to treat erectile dysfunction. Approved by the FDA in 1998, Viagra has become the best-selling drug in the world, but has also come at a price to some. Viagra has led to the increased risk of a skin cancer known as melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

Lawsuit is open to all those who have developed melanoma as a result of viagra use.

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