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Xarelto Bleeding Injury Lawsuits.
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January 2013 – FDA reports 593 events of bleeding injury caused by Xarelto use.

June 2013 – FDA issues Johnson and Johnson and warning about misleading blood monitoring advertisement.

April 2014 – Initial wrongful death lawsuit was filed. Since that time, many more have followed.

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Xarelto® use has been linked to bleeding injury and death.

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Over the past number of years, doctors have prescribed Bayer’s Xarelto to prevent blood clots in people suffering from strokes. However, the drug has also been know to cause internal bleeding and even death. You, or someone you know, may have suffered a bleeding injury after taking Xarelto. Whether it was internal bleeding, brain hemorrhaging, or even death, legal action may be an option for you. Please complete the questionnaire to find out how we can help.


Xarelto® side effects can take on a number of different variation, but most often, Xarelto has been found to cause serious internal bleeding injuries and even death in some cases. These injuries may include: uncontrolled abdominal bleeding, abnormal liver function, reduced platelet levels and brain hemorrhaging. These have been reported as the most common side effects suffered during xarelto use, and typically qualify for a xarelto lawsuit.
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If you feel that you, or a loved one suffering from a Xarelto related bleeding injury could benefit from receiving a financial settlement, the time to act is now. Many have had to endure severe financial hardships in addition to their pain and suffering. From medical bills to lost wages to the inability to work, there is much to recover. We’d like to help you find a expert law firm, specializing in Xarelto Bleeding Injury Lawsuits to handle your claim. Its a service we like to provide, free of charge. We just want to make sure everyone has the information and ability to get the help they deserve.

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Your friends at LawFirm-Connect want to help educate and inform the consumer of what option they may have. Our easy to use website has made it possible for you to determine if a lawsuit is the best course of action. By completing an online claim review at lawfirm-connect.com, you are taking the correct steps to understanding your legal options. Please take a moment to enroll yourself in this settlement. As we receive more and more requests each day, allocated settlement funds may be depleting. Review you claim today.
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